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Expertise, Flexibility, Creativity

People work with us because we are passionate about supporting you. We deliver a tailored consultancy, training and development service, with assurance of our absolute discretion. We tailor our work to your needs and the outcomes you seek.

Our Services


  • Governance documentation Reviews
  • Governance structures advice
  • Board and/or committees in action observation
  • Governance health checks and in-depth reviews
  • Board away day facilitation
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Customer Governance

  • Compliance checks
  • Creating a Customer Committee
  • Sustaining success
  • Developing Committee Members
  • Facilitating away days
  • Appraisals and effectiveness
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Tenant Involvement and Empowerment

  • New and existing Tenant Voices
  • Reviewing your Involvement approach
  • Digital Voices
  • Consultation and Engagement
  • Complaints, Comments and insight
  • Customer Empowerment
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Regulatory Readiness

  • Helping to get you registered
  • Advising you as you near or reach the 1,000-home threshold
  • Assessing your compliance with Regulatory Standards
  • Helping you prepare for an In-Depth Assessment (IDA)
  • Supporting you through difficult regulatory times
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Financial Viability

  • Business planning and financial forecasting
  • Validating your business plan
  • Management accounts and financial statements
  • Financial health checks
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Value for Money

  • Reviewing strategic objectives
  • Delivery structures options analysis
  • Measuring and reporting Value for Money performance
  • Conducting a Value for Money review
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Risk and assurance

  • Risk strategy and appetite
  • Risk identification and risk mapping
  • Assurance mapping
  • Stress testing
  • Assets and liabilities registers
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Strategy, Policy, Service Standard Reviews

  • Corporate Plan
  • Strategy Review
  • Policy Review
  • Service Review
  • Service Standards
  • Complaints Management
  • Great Practices
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Board and Committee Member Recruitment and Development

  • Recruitment
  • Appraisal
  • Board Effectiveness Review and Board observation
  • Skills assessments
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Individual and collective Board and Committee Training
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Training for Board and committee members, senior officers and staff members

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Governance
  • Finance
  • Risk and assurance
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Organisational Performance

  • Establishing a Performance Framework
  • Measuring performance
  • Setting service standards
  • Performance reviews
  • Process re-engineering
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Equality Diversity and Inclusion

  • Equality Reviews
  • Recruiting a more diverse Board/ Committee
  • Inclusion
  • Culture
  • Integrity
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Training and Development
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What's new?

Many thanks for joining us.   Here is the presentation to the meeting R and G Network developments in economic regulation   Here is the link to the recording: Passcode: @RR1m2$W    

Hi all Here is the agenda (and future meeting dates) S.Net 21.5.24 Agenda   Here is Jamie’s excellent Presentation: Scrutiny and Involvement Officers Network Presentation May 24 JM   Here is YDC’s Policy update: S.Net Policy update 21.5.24   Here is the benchmarking exercise by Great Places Housing Group – work so far – Tracy  will […]

Introduction At the end of last month the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) published its revised Consumer Standards which will be effective from 1 April 2024. Launching the revised Standards, Fiona MacGregor, Chief Executive of the RSH said “Social landlords must keep tenants safe in their homes, listen to what they say and put things […]

Member Benefits

  • Discounts on training and events
  • Access to premium website content
  • Access to the YDC Community Forum
  • Free consultancy advice
  • Membership of our Scrutiny and Involvement and Regulation and Governance Networks
case study.

Great Customer Scrutiny

  • Supporting Customer Involvement Excellence

    “Yvonne supported our Scrutiny Panel by hosting their annual review. She guided the Panel through the work they had done and supported them to reflect on their experiences and understand areas for improvement. Plus Dane is a Scrutiny-Net member and meets regularly with Yvonne and other members to develop our understanding of how to get the most from customer engagement.  Being part of the network allows us and our customers to gain access to many events and conferences  – and we know that these are always lively events with lots of useful take-aways.


    Yvonne’s work is always high-quality and she is professional in her approach – both staff and customers always look forward to working with her . She understands completely the challenges we face as a landlords and helps us to make sense of what is coming over the horizon. On a personal note, she is friendly, approachable and a pleasure to work with”.

"Mick worked with us on developing a range of Governance policies for the Association, which were well received by the Board. Mick also delivered a programme of Board training and development which included 10 thematic sessions covering a range of issues. Overall, his expertise and guidance was crucial to improving our corporate governance". Abdul Malik-Ahad Interim CEO, Eldonian Community Based Housing Association
Eldonians Community Based Housing Association
We recently introduced a new engagement framework. Yvonne is supporting our new Housing Performance Panel and Housing Board. She is approachable and a great facilitator. Our tenants really value having that independent support, helping them to become more effective. Because Yvonne, works with a range of organisations, she can draw on a range of ideas and outcomes to help us develop a programme that works for us. Her insight helps us to think through a range of issues and I’m sure this has delivered a better programme. On a personal level, it has been invaluable to be able to work one to one Yvonne. She has given me the support, mentoring and confidence that the framework and engagement programme will deliver for our tenants.
South Cambs District Council
Since March 2021, we have worked closely Mick through YD Consultants as we look to embrace and secure Registered Provider (RP) status by January 2024. Mick’s work around Governance has massively helped the business organise and direct our resources appropriately. In addition, his experience and insight has given us the confidence and clarity needed to enable the Board and CEO to lead the business effectively forward over the next 12 months or so as we seek accreditation. As indication of his value and contribution we plan to retain the services of Mick on an annual basis and have already opened discussions around reviewing our progress towards application in January 2023.
Wirral Ark