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“Making Things Right” – an awareness campaign for tenants on complaints

The Government has launched a campaign, raising awareness and encouraging social housing customers to understand how to make compliant and what to expect in return. This campaign is supported by the Housing Ombudsman, who is touring the country to launch the campaign, which was started in the North East at Gentoo, 2 weeks ago.

The campaign is now live:

Social housing issue? Know how to complain

The Social Housing White Paper (SHWP), launched by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) in November 2020, made 7 promises to residents in “A charter for Social Housing Residents”.

MHCLG in the Charter, promised to put plans in place to enable residents to gain an understanding of how to complain, amongst other promises to reduce complaint investigation times.

The Housing Ombudsman Website – which is running this campaign is a great source of information and advice for tenants, staff and landlords on the changing expectations of complaints management, including case studies and where things have gone wrong and they have found maladministration on the part of the landlord.

The Ombudsman is also mid-recruitment of 100 tenants for their on line advisory group.