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Building Safety Bill fact sheets

The Government published the Building Safety Bill in July 2020.

The draft Bill proposed that there would be an Accountable Person responsible for keeping residents safe in high rise buildings, defined as those building which are 18 metres and above. Accountable Persons will also have to listen and respond to residents’ concerns and ensure their voices are heard.  Residents and leaseholders will also have access to important safety information about their building.

The Government has published 30 fact sheets which provide more information about key provisions in the Bill.  The fact sheets cover:

  1. Dutyholders
  2. Industry competence
  3. Buildings included in the new more stringent regulatory regime
  4. Impact Assessment
  5. Building control regime for higher-risk buildings (Gateways 2 and 3)
  6. Safety Case
  7. Safety management systems
  8. Mandatory Occurrence Reporting
  9. Building Safety Regulator
  10. Amendments to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  11. Accountable Persons
  12. Golden thread
  13. Refurbishments
  14. Building control registration and regulatory oversight
  15. Wider changes to the Building Act 1984
  16. Building Safety Levy
  17. Architects Competence
  18. Architects Fees
  19. Building registration and certification
  20. Building Safety Charge (for landlords and building owners)
  21. Building Safety Charge (for leaseholders)
  22. Building Safety Manager
  23. Construction projects regulatory framework
  24. Fire Safety Order interaction with the new regime for higher-risk buildings
  25. National regulator for construction projects
  26. New Homes Ombudsman
  27. Residents’ Voice
  28. Special Measures
  29. Building Assessment Certificate: transitional arrangements for existing buildings and
  30. Redress.

To ensure that Accountable Persons are carrying out their duties properly, the Building Safety Bill confirmed that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) would be tasked with establishing a new national regulator for building safety.

The HSE has published four factsheets to help the reader of the Bill and inform debate.  The fact sheets cover:

  1. Recovering the costs of the Building Safety Regulator
  2. Regulating the risk to people from the spread of fire and structural failure in occupied high-rise buildings
  3. New and refurbished high-rise buildings and
  4. Building Safety Regulator approach to enforcement.