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Our 11th National Tenant Panel Conference – presentations and recordings

Happy New Year

We held our conference on-line on 17th November and 1st December with the NHC, this year, looking at Strengthening Resident Influence.

The link is here to the resources page  where you will be able to watch the full recordings of the speakers and workshops for both day 1 and 2.  You can also download the presentations.

We registered over 100 people to attend each day by including tenants managers and staff in the morning sessions. thanks for your help in making the conference a success

Thanks too, to:

  • The Regulator of Social Housing; the Housing Ombudsman; the Stop Social Housing Stigma Campaign and the Tenant Climate Change Jury for morning keynote speeches and interaction
  • Nick Atkin (CEO at Yorkshire Housing Group) and Yvonne Castle (CEO at Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust), for expertly chairing the morning sessions
  • Staff and residents who delivered the afternoon workshops from Regenda; Torus; L&Q; Progress; Together Housing Group and For Housing.
  • Adriana Rrustemi (Berneslai Homes) and David Luing (Cobalt Housing) for chairing the afternoon workshops so well. It was first time for chairing such a conference for them both,  they were brilliant.
  • The NHC for all the joint organising and delivery – we will be back with our popular summer Resident Involvement conference in June 2022.

…and a big thanks for your support for our work at YDC in 2021