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Housing Ombudsman publishes severe maladministration finding for Clarion

The Housing Ombudsman has published a severe maladministration finding for Clarion, which managed over 136,000 homes as at 31 March 2001.  The Ombudsman found that Clarion had repeatedly failed to respond to a resident’s regular complaints about a leaking roof, damp and mould and cracks to the interior of her property and her requests to escalate the complaints.

The Ombudsman’s investigation found:

  • severe maladministration in Clarion’s handling of the complaint
  • service failure (maladministration) in Clarion’s handling of roof repairs and cracking at the property and
  • Clarion had offered reasonable redress for its handling of the repairs to address damp and mould at the property.

Clarion was ordered to pay the resident additional compensation of £1,100, and the Ombudsman also recommended the payment of £1,200 compensation already offered by Clarion.