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Housing Ombudsman publishes severe maladministration finding for London Borough of Hackney

The Housing Ombudsman has published a severe maladministration finding for London Borough (LB) of Hackney, due to substantial delays in dealing with damp, mould and leaks in the front room, kitchen, hallway and bathroom of a resident’s home. The delays contributed to further deterioration of the issues and had health and safety implications due to the significant amounts of mould affecting the property.

The Ombudsman’s investigation found:

  • severe maladministration for LB Hackney’s response to the resident’s reports of water ingress, damp and mould at the property and
  • maladministration for its handling of the complaint and compensation offer.

The council was ordered to pay compensation of £1,500, and (if not already done) to offer and arrange to decant the resident into other accommodation as a matter of urgency.