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Housing Ombudsman publishes severe maladministration finding for Habinteg HA

The Housing Ombudsman has published a severe maladministration finding for Habinteg HA, due to its response to reports of a hate-crime incident, along with its failure to consider the impact on the resident.

The Ombudsman’s investigation found:

  • severe maladministration for Habinteg’s response to the resident’s report of a hate-crime incident
  • service failure for its response to the resident’s concerns about disabled parking for residents and
  • no maladministration for the landlord’s response to the resident’s reports of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), her report that a member of staff was racist to her during a telephone call, her reports of inappropriate behaviour from the tenant representative and complaint handling.

Habinteg was ordered to apologise to the resident and to pay compensation of £500.  The Ombudsman also ordered Habinteg to review its handling of the case and recommend that it revisit its ASB policy to include details of what action to take when it receives reports of a hate-crime incident.