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Housing Ombudsman publishes Insight Report for the period from April to June 2022

The Housing Ombudsman has published its Insight Report for the period from April to June 2022.  The report sets out findings from data and individual cases and shows a 1.9% decrease in the number of enquiries and complaints received by the Ombudsman compared with the previous quarter.

The Ombudsman received 6,009 enquiries and complaints (1,848 enquiries and 4,161 complaints) in the quarter to June 2022.  The number of enquires fell by 10.8% from 2,072 in the quarter to March 2022, with the number of complaints increasing by 2.7% from 4,053.

Property condition accounted for 40% of the complaints that the Ombudsman received during the period compared with 45% in the previous quarter, followed by complaint handling at 16% (down from 20%) and then anti-social behaviour on 12% compared with 11% in the previous quarter.

Of the determinations made by the Ombudsman during the quarter:

  • A finding of maladministration, which could be a finding of serious maladministration, maladministration or service failure, was made in 27% of cases, up from 25% in the previous quarter
  • As in the quarter to the end of March 2022, 21% of cases resulted in a finding of partial maladministration and
  • The Ombudsman determined that the landlord had made reasonable redress where service failure or maladministration had been identified in 15% of cases, compared with 10% in the previous quarter.

The Ombudsman issued 1,370 orders and recommendations (805 orders and 565 recommendations) during the period, compared with 1,250 (808 orders and 442 recommendations) in the previous quarter.  In total 612 cases resulted in compensation being awarded to residents.