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Regulator of Social Housing publishes Value for Money Metrics and Reporting 2022

The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) has published its Value for Money Metrics and Reporting 2022 report.

Key findings of the report are

  • Stronger responses clearly explained what the provider was planning to achieve with their available resources, along with measurable targets. And where providers needed to change their objectives, they gave clear explanations
  • The best responses also gave open and accurate insights into the provider’s performance against similar organisations in the sector
  • In weaker responses, providers did not follow the regulator’s reporting methods which made their responses less accurate and transparent and
  • Some providers did not explain why they missed certain performance targets, or why they continued with activities that did not appear to deliver the best outcomes.

RSH Chief Executive Fiona MacGregor said “Housing associations are faced with significant economic challenges, as well as multiple and competing pressures on their resources. Providers need to manage these difficult trade-offs and make best use of their resources, so they can continue to deliver their core objectives of providing safe, well-maintained homes for their tenants and invest in new homes.  It is more important than ever that Boards have a clear understanding of their organisation’s performance, and that they communicate their decisions to stakeholders in an open and accurate way”.