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Regulatory assessments

In the week commencing Monday 8 July 2024 the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) published its first Regulatory Judgements on the Consumer Standards. The RSH has determined through responsive engagement that three local authorities and one housing association have failed to meet the requirements of the Consumer Standards and consequently they have received C3 straplines:

  • Bristol City Council (Safety and Quality Standard)
  • Guildford Borough Council (Safety and Quality Standard and Transparency, Influence and Accountability Standard)
  • Octavia Housing (Safety and Quality Standard) and
  • Sheffield City Council (Safety and Quality Standard).

Octavia has retained its existing G3 and V3 ratings for Governance and Viability respectively.

In addition the RSH has determined that Cambridge City Council has breached the Rent Standard.

The RSH also placed Ravenscroft Re-build Co-operative Limited on its Gradings Under Review list, as it is currently investigating matters which may indicate serious failings in Ravenscroft delivering the outcomes of the Governance and Financial Viability Standard.  As it has fewer than 1,000 homes, Ravenscroft does not currently have regulatory gradings or a published Regulatory Judgement

Joint working with the Housing Ombudsman

The RSH and the Housing Ombudsman have agreed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which sets out the functions of both organisations and describes arrangements in place for them to work together.