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    Carran O’Grady

    I’d like to ask members if they include in satisfaction surveys a note to tenants that if they do not get a response they consider that they are satisfaction and include it in their report. (I’m not keen on this method).

    Do member link responses back to their customers CRM for demographics.

    Carran O’Grady, Six Town Housing

    debbie johnson

    Hi Carran,

    I am new to this area and about to conduct Citizen Survey for the first time, I am not using this method.


    Tracy Jagger

    Hi, at Habinteg we would only include satisfaction for those tenants we had contacted. I personally feel it is misrepresentation and that you should ony include where you have actual results.


    Carran O’Grady

    Thank you for the comments. Keep them coming.

    Alison Leech

    Hi Carran
    Yes we do cross reference with our customer profile

    I havent heard of assuming non responses are satisfaction,I suspect this would not reflect Market Research Society Guidance. There is also likely to be some specific detail arising from the consumer regulation legislation about specific methodologies

    Alison Leech
    07919 573906

    David Allford

    HI Carran

    We’ve just completed our STAR survey for 2022 at Harrogate Borough Council and achieved around a 44% response rate. To be honest, if we’d assumed the other 56% were ‘satisfied or very satisfied’ with our services the results would be very skewed – and those tenants who did complete the form would, I suspect, question the legitimacy of the exercise. I’m sure there are many, many reasons why people don’t respond to a survey so I’d agree with the general theme of the comments above.

    Good luck with your survey!

    All the best.


    Carran O’Grady

    I’m extremely grateful for the feed back to my question everyone. Very useful. Thank you Carran O’Grady

    Simon Phillips

    Hmm, that’s a really good question. I think we would probably assume that those who didn’t complete it either aren’t bothered about completing any survey, or assume that nothing happens as a result of the surveys. This is why we aim to tell residents what we have done, or are planning to do, as a result of their survey responses.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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